Three Ways to Create More Balance in Your Life

In a society that values a go-go-go attitude and hard work over all else, it can sometimes feel like you’re stuck running on a hamster wheel with no end in sight. We often forget that part of the gift of life is enjoying the present moment and savouring the sensory pleasures around us. 

I know I’ve fallen victim to the hamster wheel many times before, and it always ends up making me feel exhausted, depleted and depressed. Time and time again, I come to the conclusion that among other things, life is a delicate balancing act. Tip the scales too much one way or another, and you’ll be in trouble! 

The key, I’m beginning to learn, is to stop, slow down, and listen to what your body wants you to do. Stay away from all-or-nothing attitudes, which only ever lead to burn out and illness. 

Balance is essential if you’re trying to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle, so check out my tips below for staying centred and grounded when things get busy: 

1. Meditate (especially when you’re feeling swamped!). The next time you feel overwhelmed with work or responsibilities, stop, drop, and close your eyes as you take three super deep breaths. This will help to calm your nervous system while putting things into perspective so you can tackle your tasks with ease and efficiency. Also, meditating during your down time will really help to bring you clarity and peace of mind, and make you feel a lot more balanced. 

2. Get enough sleep (this means going to bed early!). Have you ever noticed that the later you go to sleep, the more tired you are the next day, even if you get the same amount of hours as usual? That’s because you don’t get the same quality of sleep if you don’t jive with the rhythms of the sun and the moon. Try to go to bed at a decent hour to get the maximum benefit from your sleep, and make sure you don’t have any artificial lights on in your bedroom as these will disrupt your slumber! Quality sleep is uber important for your skin, your body, and especially your mental health. When you’re tired, nothing makes sense, you’re more likely to be unproductive, and I always find that my anxiety and depression skyrockets when I’m running on fumes. Give yourself the gift of a good night’s rest and you’ll feel SO much healthier, happier and more balanced. 

3. Exercise and eat right (duh!). This one is a given, but I couldn’t not include it on this list because it’s so important! A healthy diet and exercise work in tandem to make you happy and balanced, and when you slack on them, you’ll really start to feel yucky. I use the terms diet and exercise loosely because I feel like different foods and workout routines work for different types of people, so I would never try to tell you what to eat or how to move. The only thing to remember is to listen to your body and do what feels best for you. Do you feel gross when you eat gluten? Try cutting it out! Do you prefer gentle exercise like yoga over running? Do that! The world of health is your oyster, and there are really no limits. Find what works best for you and stick with it 90% of the time (because everyone deserves to let loose and indulge sometimes!).

How do you like to stay balanced and centred when your schedule gets hectic? Let me know in the comments below!

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