Three Ways to Combat Insecurity

We all have that little voice in our heads telling us we’re not good enough. Even the people who we consider to be beautiful, successful and rich experience moments of doubt or insecurity (if they say they don’t, they’re lying!).

Sometimes, this voice can be a positive motivator to help you work hard and improve, but mostly, it’s just a pain in the butt. All too often, we feed this voice until it becomes too large, too powerful, too loud to overcome. It picks up momentum overtime, until one day we notice that it’s the only voice in our heads, and it’s controlling our every move.

As you can imagine, this voice is not conducive to putting yourself out there, trying new things, and stepping out of your comfort zone. If you’re always being told you’re not good enough, why would you ever try to succeed at anything?

The good news is that recognizing that you have this antagonizing presence in your headspace is half the battle. The moment you begin to distinguish between this voice and your real voice (the one that’s positive and loving) is the moment it becomes possible to ignore it.

So without further ado, here are my three ideas for shutting down your inner critic before she has the chance to control you:

1. When you hear negative self-talk creeping in, simply say “thank you for your input, but I’m going to do _____ anyway.” Deep down, this inner critic is only trying to protect you by keeping you safe and sound in your comfort zone, so it can be a good thing to express your gratitude for it before shutting it down completely. This way, you’re not shoving any thoughts or emotions down, you’re simply acknowledging them, thanking them, and choosing to ignore them.

2. Match each negative thought with a positive one. If your inner critic is telling you why you can’t write, can’t dance, can’t sing, etc., counter these thoughts with why you CAN do all the things you want to do. Even if you don’t believe that you’re talented, smart, or beautiful, tell yourself that you are in the same way you would encourage a good friend. Slowly, you’ll begin to truly believe it, and then you’ll be away to the races!

3. Recognize that your inner critic is a big liar. Sometimes, the best way to deal with negative self-talk is to simply recognize that it is negative self-talk and move on. The moment you begin to question the truth of what your inner critic is saying is the moment that he or she wins. Stay strong and bulldoze through limiting thoughts like a champ. This will take care of your inner critic in no time!

How do you like to silence your inner critic? Let me know in the comments below!

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