How to Know When a Fairy is Nearby

Everyone is a little clairvoyant. Now before you exit out of this page and banish reading my blog forever, let me explain.

To “see” a fairy, you don’t have to see anything with your physical eyes. These beings are high-vibing creatures from another dimension, so even if you had the eyes of a hawk, you wouldn’t be able to see them flitting around because they move at such a quick rate. That said, there are other types of “seeing,” which have nothing to do with vision like clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (clear thinking), and clairsentience (clear feeling). Depending on your personality, you could be stronger in one of these aspects, making it easier for you to feel, hear, or sense that fairies are nearby.

In my personal experience, there are many ways to know¬†intuitively that there are fairies around you, and you don’t have to be a psychic medium to feel the joy and magic of the elemental kingdom. In fact, the photo of me dancing on the beach in Turks and Caicos above was taken on a day that was infused with the energy of the fairies, and it was truly one of the best days in my life!

Check out three ways the fairies let us know they’re nearby. You never know, maybe they’re with you right now!

1. They leave gifts. While I was frolicking on the beach back in 2012, I found several gorgeous gifts from nature including a piece of driftwood shaped like a deer’s head with antlers included. I sensed that this was an offering from the fairy realm, and when I did some research on it later, I found that the deer was a hugely important symbol from the fairies associated with love, spirituality and peace, among other things. The deer has been said to lead fairy troops through the forest and seek out the best herbs with magical and medicinal uses. I silently thanked the fairies for their gift, and kept it in my window sill as a reminder of their love.

2. The landscape is beautiful and wild. Do you ever look around you at a magical forest or an untamed garden and think “the fairies would love this”? If that thought crosses your mind, chances are, they are there enjoying it with you on a different energetic plane. I find that the more lush, wild and colourful a landscape, the more appealing it is to the fairies. One of the best places in the world to “see” fairies is Ireland, which is a given, considering the country’s lore and mythology is heavily laden with fairy motifs and characters. But don’t feel like you have to hop on a plane to see fairies: most often, they’re in our own backyards, just waiting to hang out with you!

3. Things go missing. The fairies love to play, and one of their favourite games is to hide things from us clumsy humans. Recently, actually, 10 months ago to be exact, my father’s watch mysteriously went missing, which was odd considering he had been wearing it for most of his life! After searching for it in vain for a few months, he gave up, only to find it the other day hidden behind some books in a bookcase. I’m convinced this was the work of the fairies because who else would be so mischievous?

4. You can just feel them. This is where clairsentience comes in: it’s a feeling in your gut that there are otherworldly beings around you, waiting and watching. There’s no intelligence like our intuition, and if your sense is strong, you’re most likely right! As famed fairy expert, WB Yeats, said, “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

5. You hear bells or strange singing. Unfortunately, this one has never happened to me (at least, I don’t think it has!), but I’ve heard from many sources that this is a super common way that the fairies communicate. It may sound soft or distant, as if you can’t quite get a grip on the sound. We all know the classic story of the sirens singing to lure sailors into their caves, and fairies operate in a similar manner with their clear, beautiful voices. Don’t be surprised if you hear a bell ring and wake up in another world!

6. Fairy rings. Last but not least, the famed fairy ring of mushrooms is a huge marker for the fairies. There are hundreds of stories about unassuming young men or women stumbling across a fairy ring and finding themselves surrounded by fairies, and if you come across one yourself, you can safely assume one of these ethereal creatures left it there for you to see!

Have you ever heard, seen, or felt a fairy nearby? Tell me about your experiences below!

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  1. My son is a counselor of veterans. During one of his particularly session filled with much negative energy he saw a fairy shoot the negative thought forms, from his clients, with an arrow.

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