How to Channel Your Inner Witch

There’s no doubt about it: being a witch is in. From gothic-chic clothing to manifestation magic to herbalism, the current zeitgeist is all about embracing your inner witch and rebelling against society’s rules and expectations.

Just last week, I was scrolling Instagram when I came across a School of Witchery, offering courses and certifications on witchcraft and magic. Characters like Hermione Granger have blown up in the pop culture world, while witchy clothing brands like Free People have taken the fashion world by storm. Whether you like it or not, witches are cool, so you might as well get used to it!

I’ve always been intrigued by the world of witchcraft, and I even researched the topic heavily in an Elizabethan history class I took during university. The research I did mostly taught me that the women who were accused of witchcraft in early modern history were simply independent, strong-willed, introverted, and maybe slightly strange. Dubbed as “scolds” by the rest of society, most of the women who were tried as witches lived alone as outcasts, and were blamed for bad things happening in the village.

Part of me really identifies with these women, and I’m almost inclined to think I was a witch in a past life. Not only am I drawn to magic, spirituality, and natural healing modalities, but I’m also passionate about helping other women channel their inner goddess powers and march to the beat of their own drums.

So how do we channel our inner witches in a modern society that values adhering to the norm and immersing ourselves in technology? To me, being a witch is all about getting back to nature, making magic, and being an independent thinker. Whether you’re saying a prayer to manifest love or abundance in your life, dressing like a gothic, boho-chic fairy, making your own decisions based on your intuition, or gathering rosehips to make your own herbal tea, you’re channeling your inner witch-goddess.

I think all women could benefit from tapping into this inner wisdom that’s inherent in all of us and getting back to our true selves. Spending more time in nature, letting our higher selves guide us, and bringing more magic into our lives are all beautiful ways to be more witchy everyday, and the good news is that despite the few downsides of modern society, no one can burn you at the stake for it (well, let’s hope not).

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re a strong-willed woman (or man!) with unique interests, creative sensibilities, and a killer fashion sense. So go ahead, make a vision board to manifest your future, cook up a fragrant simmer pot using cinnamon and orange, or put together a gothic-chic outfit for your next coven meeting. I know you want to channel your inner witch, so don’t hold back!

I’m always inspired by the magical women found throughout history in myth, legend and lore like witches, the fae, and goddesses like Kuan-Yin. I encourage you to find your own role models from history and live by their timeless examples! Are there any famous feminine figures from movies, stories, myths, or legends that you find inspiring? Let me know in the comments!

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