10 Ways to Chill Out This Weekend

Sometimes I find myself wishing there were more hours in the day. Between work, exercise, socializing, reading, and all the other activities in life, it can be tough to find a moment to ourselves to unwind and just be.

Time and time again I’ve heard that taking time to relax has innumerable health benefits–almost more than exercising or eating right. Stress is the number one cause of disease, and I think our society is seriously suffering from a collective case of taking on too much. We’re in an age where we all want to be everything to everyone: we’re creators, but we also work day jobs, we’re social media mavens and mothers, we’re yoginis and runners and social butterflies, and the list goes on.

We need time to relax and let go more than ever right now, and I truly think chilling out is one of the best health secrets there is. So without further ado here are 10 of my all-time favourite ways to relax and indulge in a little self care:

1. Take an epsom salt bath with bubbles and essential oils. One of my favourite de-stressing activities is taking a long, luxurious bath with hot water and relaxing music playing. Not only does it take tension out of your muscles, but the hot water and salt draws toxins out of the body so you can detox while you soak!

2. Give yourself an oracle card reading. If you love art, illustration, and spirituality, then you’ll love playing with oracle cards. Whether you go for Doreen Virtue’s angel deck or Brian and Wendy Froud’s fairy healing deck, these revealing cards can tell you much about your inner world while inspiring you with their stunning illustrations.

3. Sit in a quiet room and diffuse essential oils. One of my favourite things to do to chill out is simply lie in bed with my Saje nebulizer going, breathing in the fragrance of peppermint or orange. The aroma will help to clean the air and rid your space of toxins, while helping you get into a calmer state of mind.

4. Try a restorative yoga class. Laid-back yoga never fails to change my mindset, and the best part is that no matter your skill level, anyone can take part in a restorative class. There’s nothing more delicious than allowing yourself to let go and melt into the floor during a heart-opening pose or surrounded by soft pillows and blankets.

5. Take a walk in nature. I take a long nature walk almost every weekend, and it always helps to clear my head and change my perspective. Just taking the time to observe the beauty of nature and be one with the birds, the trees, and the sun is so refreshing and deeply healing.

6. Read a positive book. From The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle to Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini, there are thousands of positive, uplifting books out there. Spending the afternoon curled up in front of the fire with one of them can be so relaxing and mind-expanding, and you’ll be working on your personal development in the process!

7. Go for a massage. Let yourself relax into bliss by heading to a massage, an energy work session, or a sensory deprivation float tank. These alternative healing modalities are such amazing gifts, and I’m so thankful we live in a world with an abundance of different relaxation methods at our fingertips!

8. Do a guided meditation. Sundays are perfect for lying in bed listening to guided meditations and taking yourself off into another world. Simply type “guided meditation” into YouTube and choose one that you feel guided towards, I promise you’ll love it!

9. Call up an old friend and ask her to go for tea. If the point of life isn’t to connect with others and make an impact in someone else’s life through love, the I don’t know what is! Make a new connection or rekindle an old one this weekend, and chances are, you’ll find you have much more in common with this person than you thought.

10. And last but not least, make a vision board! There’s nothing I love more than putting together a visual collection of my dreams, hopes and plans for the future. Even if it doesn’t help you get excited and positive about the future (which it will, I promise!) it’s a super fun creative project to work on by yourself or with your friends. So get to work and share your finished product with me on social media!

How do you plan on chilling out this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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