Learning to Live from Love

Sometimes I find myself going to war with my body. Most of us have conditioned ourselves to push past tiredness to work harder, starve ourselves and then binge eat on the weekends, and exercise like crazy. But is this lifestyle centered in love? Are we making choices from love, choices that make our souls happy and our hearts sing?

Lately, I haven’t been living from my heart. I’ve been making choices that are based in fear, instead of following the path that lights me up from the inside and makes my soul happy.

For example, food is one area in my life (and I know I’m not the only one!) where I’ve been making bad choices because I haven’t been living from love. It all started last spring when I drastically changed my diet to preserve the function of my pancreas in light of a diabetes diagnosis. I cut out sugar, grains, and anything carb-heavy, and I was controlling my portion sizes. In hindsight, I made this choice out of love for my body and the desire to stay healthy and off insulin. The result? I lost those last 10 pounds I had been trying in vain to lose for years, I looked and felt great, and my blood sugars were stable.

I had been sticking to my diet for months when life began to get in the way (as it always does!). I wasn’t living my truth, and I knew that I wasn’t doing what made my soul happy. My weight began to creep up again, my face became puffy and swollen, and my jeans felt tight and uncomfortable. This is where the cycle begins: I would try desperately to stop stuffing my emotions with food, restricting my calories during the week and exercising like crazy, only to binge even harder on the weekend.

This cycle has been on an endless loop for weeks, and yesterday, while reading Melissa Ambrosini’s new book, I had a realization. The reason why I was having so much trouble controlling my eating and losing weight was because I was making choices out of fear instead of love. It was so much easier to stay healthy and in control of my habits when I was motivated by love for my health and my temple, instead of by hate.


I get it, universe. Things will flow a lot more easily when you stop pushing and shoving, and simply relax into life. Follow your intuition and use love as your compass, and things will always work out. It’s only when you try to control things out of the fear of getting fat, the fear of being poor, or the fear of being lonely that things start to go sour.

Today, I choose health. I choose happiness. I choose love.

How will you choose love today?

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