Three Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

There are so many things about life, love, and abundance that I wish we had learned in school. We spent so many years learning about math and science but I don’t remember one lesson on meditation, or conscious movement, or most importantly, loving yourself.

In fact, I think a lot of the time society teaches us quite the opposite. Now, before you get your yoga pants in a knot, self love is always up to you. No one else can make you feel a certain way or adopt a certain belief–this is entirely up to you. That said, I think a lot of times we tend to push through negative feelings, exhaustion and pain to keep working, striving and creating, and this can only lead to a serious case of burnout!

I’ve noticed that in my own life, when I don’t make time to do the things that nourish me–body, mind and soul–I feel uninspired, unmotivated and, well, gross. And neither you nor the people around you deserve that! You and your tribe deserve the best possible version of yourself, and this starts with just a few simple acts of self care.

So how do we introduce self care into our daily routines and make loving ourselves deeply a practice? I’m still learning how to do this, but here are a few ideas I’ve learned along the way:

1. Put your health first. I can sit here and drone on for days about how we should all eat healthy and exercise in a way that makes us happy, but it won’t have any impact until you┬árealize that it’s a privilege to do the things that make us feel┬áhealthy. In my last post, I talked about how I’m learning the difference between choosing foods out of fear and choosing foods out of love, and as someone who has experienced both, I can surely say that the latter option is much more rewarding. Does this mean you’re supposed to be perfect and you should beat yourself up over that cookie you ate? Definitely not. Be patient with yourself and trust the process–it will all work out if you simply make healthy choices from love instead of hate.

2. Trust your intuition. In my experience, it’s one thousand times more freeing, loving, and soul-quenching when you make decisions based on your own intuition rather than the opinions of others. Listen to those little niggling thoughts that tell you “this job isn’t for you” or “that dude is bad news” because one way or another, they always end up being right. This can be tough when everyone else in your life is telling you to do the opposite, but I promise you it will be worth it in the end. Trusting your gut is one of the biggest acts of self love you can make because not only does it lead to a happy, centered life, but it also builds confidence and self-approval in ways that listening to advice from others just can’t.

3. Make time for you. I get it: you’re busy. We all are! But that’s exactly why it’s so important to carve out time for the things that make your soul happy. Whether it’s free movement, getting creative with an art form, attending an interesting lecture, or just watching a silly movie, I’ve learned that letting these things fall by the wayside can make life feel pretty lacklustre and uninspiring. After all, wonderful, pleasurable acts like art and movement are the things that make us feel truly alive and light our souls on fire, making the weight of the world feel just a little more bearable.

How do you engage in self love every day? Let me know in the comments!

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