Three Ways to Get in Touch with Your Higher Self

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What is divinity? It means different things to different people, but to me, the term is open-ended.

Whether you think of divinity as your inner world, your higher self, or God, there’s no denying that there are forces and energies that are bigger than ourselves, and that we can draw upon to gain inspiration, guidance, or love whenever we feel lost. I like to think of the divine as the magic that’s all around us at any given moment, and not necessarily one single entity sitting up in the clouds judging us.

This magic resides in everything: nature, art, and most importantly, it resides in all of us, even when we feel like nothing more than a pile of bones and skin with anxiety. I like to believe that there’s an endless source of divinity around us at all times, and all we need to do is connect with it to feel its love, magic, and beauty. 

In a secular society, it’s easy to feel disconnected from this source. Ancient people like the Mayans or the Druids were deeply intertwined with the magic around them, but with the advent of technology, social media, concrete, and processed foods, it’s become more difficult to feel bonded to the divine, making anxiety, depression, and disease much more prevalent. 

It’s my belief that when we get back to our true nature and connect with the unnamable, unknowable source of everything, things begin to flow a lot more easily. Here are my ideas for connecting with this wealth of divine energy when you feel alone or lost: 

1. Spend time in nature. Whether it’s through a walk in the park, a visit to a greenhouse, or a nap under the stars, immersing yourself in the beauty of the natural world is synonymous with connecting to the divine. All the answers begin to flow in when you spend quiet time in nature, and this is because spirit flows through every leaf, every tree and every pond like a live wire. If you feel disconnected from the divine, chances are, you’re probably disconnected from the earth, too.

2. Make art. When you engage in a creative pursuit, whether it’s writing, painting, or singing, you’re letting your soul express itself. Have you ever noticed that art has the power to move you deeply in a way that some things just can’t? This is because art is a divine expression that was born in the spirit world, and has been translated by the artist into tangible beauty. Connect with your source through creativity and you’ll feel truly free. 

3. Move. Movement is a creative act, and through activities like dance, yoga, or swimming, you’re tapping into that aspect of yourself that is one with the universe. I always have my best ideas while I’m running, dancing, or lying in savasana, and this is because free movement and the positive hormones that come with it connect us with our true natures and all of the love in the universe. Engage in free-flowing, creative movement the next time you feel stuck or disconnected from your source–it can’t hurt!

How do you connect with the divine when you feel blocked? I’d love to hear your ideas. 

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