Lemurian Crystals

Yesterday, I tried my first official kundalini yoga class at Lotus Yoga Centre. I had always been drawn to this kind of yoga, but up until yesterday, I had only done a few online meditations with Gaia or the High Vibe Livin girls. 

Since the day was supposed to be spiritually transformational and significant because of the rare solar eclipse, I decided it was as good a day as any to try kundalini. The 90 minute class was full of energizing movement, peaceful meditation and a special 31 minute mantra for the eclipse (my voice was hoarse by the end of it but I felt so zen!).

Lotus is a block away from my favourite place ever, The Rock Store, so I decided to stop by and buy some books (more on those later) and a crystal. I had noticed the Lemurian crystals at The Rock Store a few times, but yesterday, I felt specifically drawn to them. The idea of minerals from an ancient civilization, now lost to a higher vibrational dimension, was irresistible to me. 

I bought this baby (pictured above) and took it home for meditation. The crystal has a lovely, warm energy and I’m so glad I’ve added it to my collection. 

According to a post on the Hoodwitch, Lemurian crystals are considered ‘master crystals’ because they’re associated with all elements, chakras, astrological signs and planetary aspects, and they teach about interconnectedness and love.

Apparently, the Lemurians lived in a place called Mu, in a society similar to Atlantis. When they ascended to a higher plane, they left these crystals for lightworkers to find so we could pass on their healing messages.

Pretty cool, huh? 

You don’t choose your crystals, your crystals choose you! I feel so honoured and blessed that this Lemurian Quartz chose me to pass on its loving wisdom.

Last night, I put the crystal next to my bed, and I had a dream about giving a speech of some sort. I can’t help but wonder if this was the stone trying to tell me something!

Here is an affirmation the Rock Store gave me to use with the crystal: 

“I connect to my own soul and the Divine Feminine, and I call forth knowledge, wisdom, and power from the ancient realm of Lemuria.” 

Have you ever worked with Lemurian Crystals? Tell me about your experiences below! 

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