Empowering Thoughts I’m Currently Loving

These days, I’m trying to be ahead of the curve and stay on top of my thoughts so they don’t get out of hand without my approval. If I’m not super conscious of what I’m thinking, I can easily find myself slipping into the “I’m not enough” or “the world is a bad place” type of thoughts, and by that time, it’s too late to reverse the downward spiral.

Negative thoughts are super normal, and they protect us from potential threats, but many of these thoughts are pointless and keep us from happiness and peace. The important thing is to be conscious of what you’re thinking and your overall vibe: this is the first step towards improving.

Every day, it’s becoming more and more apparent to me that our thoughts create our reality. Even if this weren’t true, wouldn’t you rather think thoughts that make you feel good instead of dwelling on the things you aren’t in love with about life?

I made a list of the thoughts I want to be thinking on a consistent basis so I can return to them whenever I feel a disempowering thought stream creeping in. Lists like this one help me swap out negative thoughts for positive ones easily because most of the low-vibe thoughts we think are repetitive, which makes it easy to prepare a more positive, believable rebuttal in advance and throw it into the mix when things get topsy-turvy.

I’m trying to be more conscious of my thoughts and emotions so I can stay on top of them and nip negativity in the bud before it affects my life. You can design your own empowering thoughts (it’s your brain, after all!), all you have to do is replace a low-vibe thought with its uplifting counterpart. When you choose the thoughts you want to think by design, you also choose the life you want to live as a result.

The key is to make your empowering thoughts believable to you. If it feels like an empty affirmation, it won’t help you feel better in the moment and it will only feel like one more chore you “have” to do.

Here are some of my more general empowering thoughts (you can borrow them if you like them! I adopted some of these from Louise Hay and Abraham Hicks):

• I can and will be happy whenever I want. I will always be safe, supported and blessed in life. I’m totally held by the universe.

• I’m smart and talented and capable.

• There are no limits creatively. In this wonderful day and age, being self-employed has never been easier. I can make money through so many different channels.

• I never have to take a job I don’t feel great about.

• My income is constantly increasing.

• I create my own reality. I can make however much money I want, and my life will only get as good as I allow it to.

• Just because someone has another opinion or outlook as me, doesn’t mean I have to change mine to get on their level. I can stay strong in my own vibration and stay conscious whenever I want.

• There’s no reason, law, or written rule that says I can’t be totally successful and abundant doing what I love, only limited thinkers. I can choose to believe that I will be successful and refuse to accept any lower thoughts.

• Time will go by anyway, so I might as well work hard on my goals now and manifest an awesome future for myself.

• People are only ever coming from their own vibration. What they say or do to me has nothing to do with me but with their perspective.

• At any moment, I can choose peace, love, happiness and calmness.

• Your life is now. Enjoy it, breathe, laugh. Don’t take it seriously because it’s just life, but also take it very seriously because it’s life. What you do matters.

• The future isn’t some scary, dark, looming thing. What’s happening now was “the future” years ago.

• I can continually improve my life. There is only good before me and everything always works out for me no matter what I do. It’s all good.

Do you ever consciously choose the thoughts you want to think? What are some of your empowering affirmations?


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