5 Ways to Quit Overthinking and Drop Into Spirit

Thinking is such an important tool for obvious reasons. For today’s blog post, I’m not here to tell you how to think about things or how to use your mind to solve a problem, in fact, quite the opposite.

Overthinking is an epidemic in our culture. We all think our problems will be solved by thinking, thinking and thinking some more, but every day, I’m learning that it’s much easier to surrender and drop into spirit to help things flow, achieve your highest potential, and just live a happier, more balanced lifestyle.

“What is she talking about? How can I just stop thinking?” I can feel your questions, and I know it sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out!

Thinking is a practical tool that can help us do so many things in life, but what happens when your mind becomes overloaded with thoughts? Too easily, we become bogged down by analysis, projection and judgment, which can cut us off from source and prevent peace, happiness and growth.

Don’t try to not think, because that’s like telling yourself not to think of a pink panda. You’re thinking of a pink panda now aren’t you? You’re welcome.

Instead of trying to fight thought with thought, try one of these techniques for letting go of thinking to drop into your higher self:

  1. Focus on your breath. Becoming attentive to our inhales and exhales without judgment is an easy way to let go of thoughts and tap into source. You won’t be able to completely stop your thoughts through this practice, so every time you find your mind beginning to wander or create a story, simply come back to watching the inhales and exhales, the way the cold air comes in and the warm air comes out, and the expansion of your lungs and your belly. Don’t feel like you have to do anything fancy and don’t question if you’re doing it right. Just become still, observe yourself and feel instead of think.
  2. Step outside of yourself. Whenever I find myself spinning into one of my negative “stories” about myself or life, I remind myself that my mind is just creating problems out of nothing and my ego loves drama. This is becoming easier and easier, and I find I’m better able to laugh at myself and detach from the situations in my life that would have triggered fear or anxiety before. You can tell yourself whatever story you want about life, so the next time you feel your ego trying to bring you down or stir something up, just relax and smile, and remember you’re the observer of your thoughts, not your thoughts themselves.
  3. Feel your heart. When you’re plagued with overthinking, you can easily detach from your body and start to live in your mind. Without noticing it, ailments are created in your body because you’re so tense and polluted with anxiety, and you haven’t been feeling the life force moving through you. To move away from intense thinking and into your spirit, try feeling your body: feel the life force moving through your limbs, and feel the warmth emanating from your heart. Keep your consciousness focused on your heart and you will begin to loosen your grip on tight thought structures and move into your soul.
  4. Try not to focus on the how. When you’re manifesting something into your life, you may look up at your goals as if they’re massive mountains you have to climb. You may say, “there’s no way I can ever tackle this, I don’t even know where to start!” And the truth is, you don’t need to know all the steps right now. All you need to know is the first step, then the next step, and so on. Try not to worry about how you’re going to achieve your goals just yet: just trust the universe and follow your bliss. The rest will unfold on its own because the universe loves when you relax, let go and just have fun with the process.
  5. Use a mantra or affirmation. If you feel like you need to replace negative thoughts with positive ones so you don’t fall into the same old patterns, use a mantra or an affirmation like “everything is all good in my world,” so you have something to keep your mind busy, like giving a dog a bone, so to speak. This way, whenever you find your mind coming in to ruin things, you have something to feed it instead. It’s like nutrition: instead of focusing on getting rid of unhealthy foods, focus on bringing in veggies and fruit instead and you won’t feel empty or deprived.

These are tools you can use no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing and no matter who you’re with. You can make your entire life a living meditation and bring the light of consciousness to every single thing you do.

Eckhart Tolle truly explains this in the best way, so if you’re interested in learning more, read his books asap. It can be so freeing to let go of troublesome thoughts for a while, even if it’s just for an hour during yoga class, so imagine how amazing it would be if you could live like that all the time!

This is my goal, and I’m growing more conscious all the time. How do you let go of overthinking so you can live more from your spirit?

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