Easy Rituals for Creating Positive Energy

If you read yesterday’s post, you already know that your thoughts create your reality. While this is true, sometimes, you can be thinking positive thoughts but still have negative energies with no known origin invading your life and polluting your body, mind and spirit.

Whether you feel like you’re picking up this negative energy from your workplace, your roommates, or even the news, there’s always a way to drown it out with positive energy and lessen its influence on you. Even if you already feel awesome, a little energetic pick-me-up never hurts.

Recently, I’ve started upping my daily rituals to increase positive energy and let go of old thought patterns that aren’t serving me. Listen to the little nudges you get to try a new form of exercise or add something healthy to your morning beverage: there’s always some validity and truth to these calls, and you will probably feel so much better once you listen to your body’s needs.

Here are a few of the rituals and practices I’ve been loving lately for letting go of negative energy and increasing the positive flow in my life:

1. Burning sage and palo santo.

During my yoga training, I used to absolutely love when the teachers would burn sage before class. The smell just feels so mystical and magical to me, like a rainy day at the cottage with a wood-burning stove. I find it so relaxing and mood-enhancing, and studies have shown that it actually helps to remove toxins from the air. I’ve been burning it every morning before meditation while saying a prayer, which could be as simple as repeating “thank you” three times. I also burn palo santo or “sacred wood” from time to time, which has a similar effect.

2. Meditation.

Meditating helps us go inwards, observe our thoughts, and tap into the stillness of our true essence. As with the case of Kundalini mantra meditations, it can also help us increase positive, loving energies through the vibrations of singing and sound. I’ve been loving Kimilla’s meditations for abundance, love and more. Try this meditation for positive energy and feel the good vibes elevating your mood, emotions, thoughts and life.

3. Vacuum with Selenite.

I mentioned my newfound love for Selenite wands in my post on crystal healing, and my affection for this beautiful clear stone has not dwindled since then. I still use it every day to vacuum away lower energies and fear from my aura by running it over my chest, head and shoulders. It literally clears away negativity like a vacuum and brings in a feeling of peaceful calm.

4. Rebounding.

I ordered a rebounder a few weeks ago, and truth be told, I thought it would sit in my closet unused for years, but I’ve surprised myself by using it every day since! Every morning, I’ve been putting on classic rock and jumping for about 10 minutes, and it never fails to elevate my energy and make me feel amazing. I think this is because it moves around the stagnant energy in my body, and gets the positive vibes flowing for the day. It’s amazing how just 10 minutes of such a low-impact activity can really alter your mood for the day. This is the rebounder I ordered, it’s only $43!

5. Going for a walk and listening to a Podcast.

This is another one I’ve been doing pretty much every day (although not the past few days because it’s been so snowy and cold!). For me, moving my body in nature while listening to an inspiring Podcast is the absolute best way to release stagnant energy, change your thought pattern and just feel better. It engages your entire mind, body, and spirit, and for such a simple exercise, it really brings you to a new level of awareness. I have really been enjoying the Elevator by Elevate the Globe and The Lively Show by Jess Lively.

There are countless ways to switch up your energy, release negativity and bring in positivity during your daily life. If you don’t have time for any of this, even just taking a few really deep breaths, doing a five-minute visualization of the beach in the bathroom stall, or searching positive quotes on Pinterest will help.

What are your favourite rituals? Let me know in the comments!

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