Energy Healer Amy Sikarskie Chats Angels, Fairies and the Energy of 2018

Today’s Soul Chats blog post is a super exciting one because it’s with someone I’ve been following (and admiring!) for a long time. Amy Sikarskie is a clairvoyant intuitive, energy healer, author and an instructor at the IEL Institute, and she also runs not one, not two, but four different Instagram accounts where she shares relatable quotes and inspiration for the modern mystic.

I first discovered Amy through Instagram, and last September, I had a session with her over the phone. She was just as sweet and bubbly as she seemed over Instagram live, and my session was so interesting and enlightening.

See below for 21 questions with Amy, and be sure to check out her website and Instagram accounts, Star Light Photos, Amy Sikarskie, Starseeded Ascensions and Raise the Vibe Tribe.

1. How did you first learn about your spiritual gifts?

After my first Reiki Attunement in 2001 I was visited by non-physical beings and taken on an out-of-body astral travel.

2. Did you have any signs or “symptoms” of psychic awareness?

I have been communicating with my guides since childhood but it felt so natural. I didn’t think anything special of it.

Amy Sikarskie

3. How did you grow and develop your intuitive abilities?

I strengthened my abilities through awareness of them by first recognizing them and then by taking classes.

4. What are some of the most drastic changes you’ve seen in clients after a session?

Spirit release therapy often provides the most drastic changes. I have had clients come to me depressed and suicidal to leave walking away with the symptoms alleviated and feeling like themselves again.

5. Have you ever been so spot-on about something in a client’s life that you got chills?

Yes, I often receive feedback and validation of events and feelings that I pick up for clients in readings. I usually get chills when they are sharing a truth with me. It’s the one way I receive confirmation of what they are sharing.

6. How would you characterize the energy of 2018?

2018 is transformative. It’s pulling those that haven’t awakened or started their ascension to the 5th dimension into the new energy. It can be rather alarming if they’re not ready for it.

Those who have been working on themselves and are already crossing into the 5D are finding many fortuitous experiences. Life is flowing harmoniously for them and they’re experiencing many synchronicities.

Amy Sikarskie

7. What are the benefits of a crystal light table session?

Some benefits of a crystal light table session include clarity and strength of mind, emotions and overall energy. Chakras may balance, clear and strengthen, polarities recalibrate, and auras are cleared.

8. Can anyone increase clairvoyance? If so, what practices and exercises will help develop this muscle?

Just like any gift or ability, all of the clairgifts can be accessed and strengthened by anyone. In my experience the first step is to clear the third eye chakra and thought forms from the mind.

9. How do you know if you’re communicating with angels? What is their energy like?

Angels are kind and loving. Some may be assertive and they are forthright. They may feel like a friend or trusted advisor and never overstep our freewill.

10. How do we know if a problem in our current life is being caused by something that happened in our past life?

Aside from receiving information in a meditation, regression, or reading, there are some signs of past life ties. One sign is if you see repetitive cycles or have emotions and perceptions that don’t seem to fit with the current life experience.

11. How can we resolve any past-life issues?

Energy therapy with a skilled practitioner and the assistance from your higher self, guides and angels can help clear up past life ties. Past Life Regression, a form of hypnotherapy, can also assist in healing past life trauma.

12. What are your daily spiritual practices (if any)?

I find I’m in contact with my spiritual nature and guides throughout the day. I feel like I’m tune in for most of the day and stay conscious or aware of the other realms. I do not have a formal meditation practice, but stay aware of my energy. I’m very sensitive and do not go long without noticing and correcting disruptions in my energy field.

Amy Sikarskie

13. Do you eat or drink anything special to increase your abilities?

I grew up in a religious home that did not allow for coffee, tea, or alcohol. Because of this, I rarely drink caffeine and my main source of fluids is water. I drink filtered and bottled water with limited tap water. I have found that once I started using my clairgifts consistently, I do not notice too much of a hindrance from the occasional intake of unfiltered water or additives in foods. Still, I try to limit this. My diet mostly consists of vegetarian options and very limited grains. For my body type, this seems to help me. If I notice a chakra undercharged, I will eat more fruits and vegetables of the corresponding color.

14. Do you “turn off” your psychic abilities to go about your daily life? If so, how?

Yes, I do. I set my intention and shift my energy and awareness to the need at hand. Most of my day is one foot in the physical earth-realm and one foot in the other dimensions/realities. When I click in for an appointment with a client I’m more in the spiritual realms. When I am experiencing more of my life as a human, I focus on that reality.

15. How can someone know if their energy is off? What can they do to remedy this?

We often know our energy is off if our emotions, thoughts and energy levels are not our own or imbalanced.

The first step to remedy this is to identify what is off and the source of the misalignment. From there, there are many possible ways to come back into balance.

16. Do you think lifestyle practices such as yoga, exercise or breathing help to increase spiritual abilities and intuition?

Yes, I do because these practices move and clear energy. They can create an energetic and biological homeostasis, balancing the mind/body/spirit. They also provide an opportunity to silence the mind and bring awareness to the present moment.

17. Which angels or multi-dimensional beings do you communicate with most often?

I communicate most often with my council of star/spirit guides and Archangel Metatron. Other archangels that visit often for readings are Archangel Jeremiel, Gabriel, Ariel and Sandolphon. I work with all of the widely-known archangels and recently have been visited by some lesser-known archangels.

18. Do you believe in fairies? If so, how would you characterize their energy? How can we communicate with fairies?

I believe in fairies. They can be playful and also serious, not taking their responsibilities to the nature realms lightly. I find that it’s most supportive to tune into them while in nature. Also, as with any realm, reading and thinking about them will pull them nearer. Communication with fairies is similar to communication with any non-physical being in that one would use their clairgifts.

19. Do you ever drink alcohol? Why or why not?

I drink alcohol socially with my husband and friends. Because drinking opens our auric field, I only drink in environments that I feel to be energetically clean and safe. I never drink to the point of losing my capacities or in compromising situations. I like to be in control of my mind, body and energy.

20. What message do you hope to send to the world through your work?

I hope to bring awareness to the non-physical nature of our existence. To the love beyond the veil. To our guides, angels and the eternal nature of the soul’s evolution. Through awareness, I feel lives can shift and many processes occur that will bring us into a space of respect, love and gratitude for all of life.

Amy Sikarskie

21. What advice would you give to someone hoping to channel their spiritual abilities into a career?

Stay true to you. Trust your instincts. Don’t give your power over to another, yet find a supportive friend or mentor that you can turn to when needed. Follow your heart and study interests that inspire you. Use your mind and heart equally when working with your guides and angels. Stay open to unique and creative possibilities as you develop your gifts and unique career path. And at anytime if something feels off, it is. It’s best to identify and work through it before moving forward. Most importantly do not force, instead, allow and align.

Isn’t Amy’s perspective so beautiful? I love that she’s in constant communication with her guides, and her message of spiritual sovereignty is so empowering.

What did you think of this post? Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out amy’s books below:

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