November Storm and Albert Tempus

Written by Mackenzie Patterson

Once a feisty redhead who ruled her high school, November Storm has lost her mother, her boyfriend and her mojo—all in one year.

She thinks her life couldn’t get much worse until a mysterious man in an old-fashioned suit complete with a pocket watch shows up on her driveway and kidnaps her, taking her back in time and leaving her stranded in nineteenth-century London. November soon finds out the man has a name—Albert Tempus—and in fact, he’s not a man at all: he’s a Time Faerie, a creature from another dimension who can travel to any time or place in the universe at will.

Albert takes November on a whirlwind journey to his home in Terrafata, a crystal castle in the clouds and even to the future, where she meets her now forty-year-old best friend. Along the way, November learns about the strange world of the faeries, the universe, and of course, herself. She also learns the faeries of Terrafata are in danger: the flowers they use to create the elixir that gives them their powers are dwindling, and many of Albert’s friends are dying. Will November stay to help heal the drought, or will she return to her life as a human forever?

The Crytal Grid

Written by Mackenzie Patterson

Dahlia Green is an ordinary eighteen-year-old girl from a small town called Turnerville, where she lives with her father and works at the local grocery store. Her life is mundane at best, and her father won’t stop pressuring her to apply to college. Things get more interesting when she meets Foster O’Shea, a golden-haired entrepreneur from out of town. Together, they travel to Tír na nÓg, a magical land full of faeries, strange creatures and powerful crystals. Through their adventures, Dahlia learns more about herself and her past than she ever thought possible, coming to terms with her mother’s death in the process. As if that weren’t enough, strange events begin happening in both Tír na nÓg and the physical dimension, forcing Foster and Dahlia to fight back against evil forces to save the land and inhabitants from destruction.

Gathering Sage

Written by Mackenzie Patterson

Sage lives alone in her grandmother’s cabin in the woods. Since graduating from high school a few months ago, her quiet life has consisted of sitting by the lake, drinking tea and making jewelry for her online shop, The Wild Sage. But things begin to change for Sage when Jackson, one of the older guys from school, takes an interest in her. As soon as she starts to feel something for him, she meets Daniel—a tall, mysterious man who works in a new age shop and sends electricity bolting through her veins when he looks at her. Things come to a head on the morning of Sage’s eighteenth birthday when she’s reminded of a pact she had made with herself years ago to track down her birth father. Through her healing and truth-seeking journey, Sage will experience love, learning and loss in ways she never thought possible.